She is all to me
writing iournal

Mr.jairo 27/4/14

She makes me feel a way nobody else could make me feel. Only God  could make me happy like her. She is so beautiful that I think the correct word for her is asesore and perfect. The smile of her is so sexy I just love it. She is one of the most important things I have in my life. Without her I cry and with her I laugh. Nobody could take her place I just Need to say she is the other half of me she will never get forgeted by me .

I think I will never get in love with any girl like I did with her. Her way of making me happy is just unique, original. She loves me the same way I love her.'she is not the type of girl that loves material things that not Need money . If one day she let me go I will continue loving her until she loves me again.

She will be love forever  by me and will always be in my heart never get forgeted. Cause I love her