I portray myself in society, to my friends I look like an athlete because of the way I dress. I wear sporty clothes that all have sport logos. I look fit and lean I like to spend my time outdoors doing active things . Also my friends can see me as the comical one because I like to joke around and be the funny guys of my group.

I portray a different character to my family. They see me as sociable and humorous . They know me as responsible because I get things done at home in their opinion I will be the biggest and most comparative .

At school teachers may see me as oppositional because I don't like to admit when I'm wrong . They may see me as not making school work a priorate because I would rather be playing  sports.

2. Personally I don't want to change my persona because I like who I am I'm athletic, nice, considerate and funny.But if I were to change something about me it would be to be a nicer person to everyone especially teachers.

3. At humberview next year I'm going to tryout for as many sports team as I can. All my brothers have gone to the school and played rugby. Im really looking forward to doing well in wood shop and tech. Im going to work very hard.

4. The legacy I leave at Allan drive is that I was a valued member of the boys volleyball team. I am the last of the Sheridan's to attend this school and I am the most cooperative of the  Sheridan's and i was friendly and helpful at Allan Drive.

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