The Great Gatsby Shot Dead

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            On August 29, 1922 Jay Gatsby was killed. He was found shot dead at the pool in his home. Gatsby was a celebrity in New York. He was mostly known for living a luxurious lifestyle and throwing even more luxurious parties. Even though we knew very little about Gatsby we all enjoyed his life, his presence, and he will be greatly missed.                                                                The man that was responsible for taking his life was George Wilson, owner of Wilson’s Garage. People close to Wilson said that he believed his wife was having an affair. His wife, Myrtle Wilson, was the women found dead after being struck by a car a few days ago. They say that Wilson believed who ever was driving the car had to have been his wife's estranged lover. Later on the next day he shot and killed Gatsby.                                                                                           It is alleged that Gatsby and Wilson's wife had been sleeping together for months and after her husband confronted her about it they got into an argument that quickly became physical. Myrtle then ran from her house and into the streets, where she was struck by a moving vehicle. A vehicle supposedly driven by Gatsby. There are several eye witnesses saying that they know that was Gatsby’s vehicle, but they were unsure who was driving. Bob that owns a shop next door had this to say," I saw the vehicle come through at what seemed a 1oo mph. She was standing in the street yelling and waving at vehicle,but it didn't even slow down. Whoever was driving hit her and kept going like nothing happened." It was later on the next day Wilson shot Gatsby while he was swimming in his pool. Right after Wilson then shot himself. Gatsby was only 32 years old.                                                 We were able to speak to his father after the funeral and we asked him how do you feel about your son's death? What he had to say was, " I am proud of my son's achievement as a self-made millionaire." Gatsby is survived by Henry Gatz(Father) and Nick Carraway(Special Friend)

                                                                                                                                    - Corde A. Wade

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