The Daily Planet

By Bless
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What is The Daily Planet

The Daily Planet is an organization that  helps the homeless. The Daily Planet helps the homeless by providing health care, dental care, eye care and many more for the homeless.  The Daily Planet is the only organization in Richmond that provides health services to the homeless even if they can’t pay and regardless of their insurance status.  

                  What is the Daily Planet's mission

The Daily Planet's mission is to provide healthcare for homeless people or people who has a high risk of being homeless.

Founder of the Daily Planet

The founder of the Daily Planet is Anne Lane. She is still an active board member.

History of Daily Planet

The Daily Planet got its name from teens because teens felt like the Daily Planet helped changed them. The idea of name came from a Super Man comic. Clark Kent would go into a telephone booth and then turn into Super Man. The Daily Planet was started in 1969. Many teens were dropping out of  school so Anne Lane made the Daily Planet to help those kids.Shelter, meals, health clinics, and counseling were all provided by the Daily Planet to those kids.

What are other things does the Daily Planet Offer

  The homeless can use showers and do their laundry at the Daily Planet.The Daily Planet has developed great connections with medical centers like V.C.U School of Pharmacy, Homeward, the Richmond Academy of Medicine and many more.

How many people has the Daily Planet Served in Richmond,Virginia

The Daily Planet has served over 1,000 people in Richmond, Virginia.

How can volunteers get involved with the Daily Planet

The first thing a volunteer can do to get involved with the Daily Planer and any other organization is to donate to that organization. Another thing a volunteer can do is to hold a needs drive. A group of volunteers could join a program that Daily Planet has  called Breaking Bread.When people join the Breaking Bread they give meals for the people living at the Daily Planet's  Medical Respite  and Safe Haven programs.

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