Aldo & YouthAids

A fight against HIV/Aids

A few years ago, Aldo, a great retail store, and YouthAids, an organization for the fight against HIV, collaborated to create a new movement against this disease: The Aldo+YouthAids campaign. In fact, in the shoe stores, a variety of products are sold to fundraise the fight against HIV and to raise awareness about it.

For example, these reusable tote bags are sold three dollars each and all the profits are donated to the YouthAids campaign. The amount for one tote bag provides the possibility to make one person aware of the dangers of HIV. Also, the store Aldo uses popular figures such as Ludacris, Christina Aguilera and Penelope Cruz, to represent the cause, so it would attract the population, precisely the young adults, to be more aware of the cause. For example, Ludacris is the model for the bracelet named “Love” and a lip balm that is related to the slogan “Speak no evil”.

Furthermore, you can encourage the cause by buying the friendship bracelet and not only, you will help the cause, but you will tie a knot of friendship and solidarity with the people you love.


In 2001, YouthAids is created by Kate Roberts and other partners, and they built their organization with the collaboration of PSI, The Population Service International. They formed this group because they desired to raise awareness and to fight against HIV/Aids, especially targeted for the young adults in between fifteen to twenty-four years old.

Where does the donations go?

In fact, all the donations went to South Africa in 2009 where more than 5.7 million people are HIV-infected. This campaign had harvest more than 3.5 million of dollars. This huge amount of funds help the country to create different programs to teach people how to prevent them from having aids.

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