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"As i lifted the trophy, I recieve a melancholy feeling, because I am aware I'll never wear this jersey. Image delighted, I must say i do the perfect, I can not invite more. I'm happy as well as proud. "

"Now you have an incredible feeling, because I know one of the many finalists, how difficult it happens to Buy FIFA 15 Coins. I was lucky with his fantastic awesome teammates can win the Champions League trophy 3 x."

"It is deemed an unbelievable, historic moment. We also did in '09, it appears as though we will never winning the Triple Crown, but we achieved it again in fifacionsingamesofcheap. Teams and clubs It is now the primary good reputation for the Champions League, that is certainly an important. "

After Barcelona won the Triple Crown, Barcelona President Bartomeu in, said: "After which has a tough season, we could easily attend celebrate."

"Following second win the Triple Crown, the club has a crazy, happy atmosphere all Barcelona fans should celebrate tonight, Juve played an excellent game, but i am an even better team performance, we also it carries a greater future. "