"Basketball is everything" Michael Jordan


I believe in the power of music,

the swish of a basketball,
the sound of the ball bouncing,
the beat of the song,
the energy that comes from music,
But I don't believe in hate.
I believe in shoes ,
I believe in jesus ,
I believe in the power of faith,
courage , inspiration ,clutch ,
And I believe in the way music changes you . (longest)

Micheal Jordan

My credo is basketball is everything I caught on to this I love basketball more than anything just about anything. Its what Michael Jordan taught me one of the best basketball players ever to play the game of basketball he's my role model and that why I chose this credo.

My credo is important to me because I look up to Jordan and we both love the sport of basketball. I never really got to watch him play because he already retired when I got old enough to watch and understand. If I did get to watch him my credo probably wouldn't have changed.

I don’t believe that my credo will change I mean I don't think ill ever stop loving basketball anymore. its a part of me now and I think that that credo will just come stronger to me in the future as I grow up and hopeful do something that involves basketball when I get older.

My credo is significant to me in many ways which I stated earlier. I would try to get people to follow my credo defiantly people that love the game of basketball and who watched and liked to watch Jordan play.

Lewis Freeman

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