of Business Change and Work Effectiveness

The customer never buys what you think you sell.

-  Peter Drucker

Business Adaptability and change is a Must

I’ve been with the same hardware store for more than 10 years. Their work effectiveness is solid. They are friendly, personal, and generally make the time to provide good answers to my questions and provide sound advice. I have considerable confidence in their advice, especially the ‘old stand-by’s’ from whom I seek out for the really tough questions. For that reason, I have never thought about finding a new brand in the hardware business.

Then one day my wife and I started spending our winters in Florida. And now the option of finding a new hardware store brand became a necessity, as my old brand was not within my local area.

The new brand changed my entire perspective on the service expectations that I had developed over the past 10 years. Why you may be wondering?

The new brand staff was younger and surely “less experienced.” But it didn’t seem this way. They were much more personal, asked important questions, spent more time with me, and did a more thorough job in getting solutions to my problems from home and yard maintenance. While I have not yet engaged with the entire service staff for sure, the ones I have dealt with were all of equal knowledge.

This experience opened my eyes to the quality differences with my current brand service staff in my home in the north.

I had come to expect quality and service that was very good. But the new brand and their staff provided something even better.

Now every time I am in need of standard home maintenance action, I deal with my expert service staff from my new brand, even if it is by telephone. When I have some new equipment purchases I hold off until I can give my new brand in Florida the opportunity. The new brand in Florida has won my standard business.

My business lesson here?

If you are any type of service and product provider, never become complacent. Don’t provide standard, average or just good enough service. Always look for ways to improve your service and do things better to improve your work effectiveness.

Find staff that are the most caring and keep themselves well trained on the products you sell.

Because the day someone provides better results, service or qualities than you do … is the day your customer’s loyalty will dry up. Left unchanged and not corrected so too may your business.

Remember, don’t strive to make your presence noticed, make you absence felt. Brands are verbs … what they do matters more than what they say.

Do you have an experience with business change that you can share with this community?

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