Neu Germania
Rides alta voce , ut bonum novitius

The Double-Headed Aquila, one head is blind and the other is not, one talon is spiked the other is not, this shows that we have 2 sides, anger us, and we will strive for blind retribution, respect us, and expect tidings.

Our Forefathers

In the year 2025 in the central Europe, there was a figure known only as the Aquila, who had brilliant economic,political and philosophical thoughts, in which they were unrivaled. He witnessed Europa's turmoil first-hand. He knew that there was only one thing to do, righteously liberate and unite all of central Europa, where the Aquila was from. The Aquila used many different ancient social medias, such as Twiter, Nstagram and Facbook, to start a following. in twelve years, The Aquila had attained a army of 10 million people, and ignited a great crusade. First taking all of Jermani, then all of the neighboring countries, with the exception of Franc. The Aquila was able to obtain weapons of mass destruction, and very shortly after obliterated Paris and London. With Franc and Briton in shambles, Neu Germania reigned supreme in both Economy and Military power. For over thirty years, Under the benevolent rule of The Aquila, Neu Germania became one of the most powerful nations in the world, through workers efficiency and the destruction of bureaucracy, has given a extremely early head start of the infant nation, and on the the tracks to becoming the indisputable sole superpower of the world, even outsourcing China in Americas Importing Industry.When The Aquila was writhed by age, he handed the torch to his closest follower, Treyer, after a months after The Aquila died, Treyer reformed Neu Germania into a imperialistic government, in which he crowned himself as Emperor, his first order of business as Emperor was to put all of Neu Germania under a police state for the greater good for all of the citizens, as they cannot trust themselves, and created 300 cities, only named by the number (City 1, City 21, City 69 etc.), and limited the title of Emperor solely to his blood.

Neu Germania Constitution

Constitution of

Neu Germania

Constitution of

Neu Germania

Article I

The name of these noble lands will be identified by as Neu Germania, as our forefathers came and liberated the region from the divided socialist tyrants.

Article II

The very existence of Neu Germania is to set the standard of every single nation on Earth. As a icon of peace and justice for all. our primary, endgame goal is to liberate the entire world by uniting the entire world under one banner, The banner of Neu Germania.

Article III

Everyone is welcomed to become a citizen, so as they are able to complete a German Language test of literacy and history. Once someone becomes a citizen, they are to give up their previous citizenship, in order to become a citizen of Neu Germania. A citizen is expected to have a undying loyalty to Neu Germania, and also be a productive member of society, and *must not have a felony (*the only way to become a citizen of Neu Germania with a felony is to enlist in the armed forces)

Article IV

The leader of Neu Germania is the Emperor, which follows a bloodline.The Emperor wields power supreme. Neu Germania follows a despotism system of government, as the common people cannot be trusted/ cannot use such power, and must be fell upon capable hands

Article V

Neu Germania pledges protection to its citizens and make the lives of the commons easier and much more pleasant to live in Neu Germania so long as every single of age to pay their taxes in order to make Neu Germanias Visions true and maintain the security and livelihood of the people. Every male is required to serve a requirement of 5 years in the Imperial Guard or Imperial Navy.

Article VI

1. Freedom of Speech- *All citizens are free to say anything about anything *with the proper punishment of course.

2.No Slavery-*All citizens are free from forced-slavery *indentured servants are still legal

3. Freedom to bear arms-*All citizens are allowed to purchase any type of firearm, no restrictions *no citizen are allowed to discharge their weapon.

4.Freedom of Press- *All news stations are allowed to make any type of news and say anything they want *As long as the government has approved of the message. if the government does not approve of the message, the entire station will be swiftly executed.

5.Freedom of Religion-*No citizen is obligated to follow a certain religion, all are free to practice their religion. *You cannot practice your religion in public, if authorities do see you practicing your religion, you will be swiftly be dragged away to a Loyalty camp, and be subjected to enhanced reeducation

6.No searching-*No Police Officer is allowed to search your home without a warrant *All officers have warrants of search

7.Democratic Election- *All citizens are obliged to vote for their local governance

*There is only 1 government approved candidate

8.Freedom of protest-*All citizens are allowed to protest anything *As long as the the local government approves the protest.

9.Coming of age- all of the laws will be effective for a citizen when s/he becomes 20 years old

10.Freedom of independence- The Government will take the hardships of life for you, such as taxes,career etc. all the worries in the world is gone!

Article VII

Our Education is free for everyone, and mandatory. Once a student has finished primary school, they will take a aptitude test, which will show a students specialty, and wherever that specialty lies, they will go to a school that specializes in that field. you cannot refuse education.

Article VIII

Our Flag is striped with 3 colors, Yellow meaning fear, Black meaning power, Orange meaning greed and the Red pair of daggers representing that this country was formed by spilling blood

Article IX

The Double-Headed Aquila, one head is blind and the other is not, one talon is spiked the other is not, this shows that we have 2 sides, anger us, and we will strive for blind retribution, respect us, and expect gifts.

Neu Germania National Anthem

Though in caves pursued he lie,

Even then he fears attacks.

Our persistence and our sincere toils will be rewarded,

And freedom's song will throughout all of Neu Germania resound.

For her our fight won’t be in vain.

Neu Germania! Neu Germania!

The heroic patriotic glorious land!

Like Czarniecki to Poznań

After the Swedish occupation,

To save our homeland,

We shall return across the sea.

To Law and King and Freedom, hail!

Together with our brothers, we for centuries

Courageously defended our home's threshold.

Neu Germania! Neu Germania!

Now the cruel ones are trying, in their blind arrogance,

To take away our language, but only dead will we surrender it.

Germanian s are fighting,

Fighting for their rights!

God of Justice; Thou who saved us

When in deepest bondage cast,

Hear Thy Germanian children's voices,

Be our help as in the past.

Our Saviour: The Emperor

Department of “Reeducation”

We have multiple “Re-Education Institutions”, around 1000 or so. As the state grows, we are establishing more and more of these Institutions. What happens is that if a citizen's loyalty is questioned or suspected by the Liberation Force. It is in your best interests to take you to one of these institutions, as we are trying to save you from yourself, think of all the troubles that will be wiped away, and think of the new places you would see!. What will happen is that you will be exposed to many forms of phobias of all categories, and see which one you would react the most. you will then be exposed to that phobia for a single week. After that, you will feel motivated to work and a be a productive member of society, so you will work in a labour camp for 3 years, think of all the goods you will produce for the Empire!. After your long haul of labour, we will give you a break, we are extremely merciful. You feel all tired from all that hard work, so we would place you in a chamber for 12 months, with no contact with another human being, because you would be tired of seeing others, and they would only frustrate you. you will have a diet of bread and water, to burn off that fat. once you have emerged from that, you will be put in “enhanced re-education” think of it as school only really, really fast. You will be put under this treatment for 3 weeks. After this process you surely love Neu Germania, and you will go back to the city of your origin, and live a lovely life under the Neu Germania Banner. But if you are still “rebellious” we have no choice but to make you join The Aquila.

Colin Schueren for Dystopia

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