How to Know ISO Ceretification Detials

ISO certification is not a standard, but the standard referred to, it contains all types of standard, covering all aspects of. As long as it is for people to develop international standards agreed to provide a mechanism to publish standards, various types of work through it.

ISO certification detials -

is divided into initial certification, the annual inspection and assessment certification, as follows:

1.The enterprise shall fill in the application form and submit the relevant materials together with the certification requirements, audit institutions shall conduct a preliminary examination of the documents, to meet the requirements of an enterprise to pay for the audit. Then notify the enterprise of inspection, inspection in accordance with the relevant standards and specifications.

2.According to the application materials, inspection, and report to the technical committee review, and submit opinions to the higher.

3.Certification Center issued a certificate, corporate announcements and promotional materials. The enterprise can make printing logo needs to apply for the center, and for the record.

4.Year the enterprise should audit standards. The enterprise must pay the cost of supervision and management according to the requirements of the contract. The inspection group to apply for certification of product sampling inspection.

The ISO certification details advisory body according to the selected standard, combined with the actual situation of enterprises, guide enterprises to establish and improve the quality system, including:

1.For the enterprise to provide the standard of ISO9000 basic knowledge training, quality system documents training and internal quality system auditor training program;

2.Appointed experts on the enterprise management and operation research, determine the quality of system framework, overall planning;

3.Guide the enterprise to prepare the quality manual and quality system procedure, and the trial;

Improve the relevant quality system documents

4.Guide enterprises, guarantee the quality of system coordination and effectiveness;

5.Lead and participate in internal quality system audits conducted by enterprises, puts forward the problems and suggestions for improvement;

6.Of the enterprise quality system compliance audit, put forward conformity audit report;

7.To assist enterprises to choose the quality system certification authority.

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