Enhance, Engage & Interact
with Aurasma

iOS Summit - February 28, 2015

Before we get started...

Please install Aurasma on your device.  Follow the instructions on your handout to login to the account for this session.  I have extra devices if needed!

Session Goals:

* Introduction & Overview
* Integration Ideas
* Resources
* Create Your Own Aura!

What IS Aurasma, anyway??

*Makes thinking visible
*Gives students voice
*Students can share their work

Looks Awesome!  

But how can I use it to enhance my instruction & engage learners?

Instructional Resources

  • Anchor charts
  • Word wall/vocabulary
  • Math strategies
  • Science Concepts
  • Directions for centers/station work

Bring anchor charts to life!

Show & Explain Understanding

  • Explain a new skill, concept or strategy
  • Book talks/reviews
  • Student goals
  • Homework explanation
  • Wax museum
  • Art show/class exhibit
Explain the steps & rationale for creating an art piece!

Other Ideas

* Staff or student introductions

* Interactive tour of the school

* Professional development resources

Add some innovation to staff development!

Putting it Into Practice

  • Organization & workflow - Teacher vs. Class account
  • Auras need to be made public to be viewed
  • You need to follow a user to view their public auras
  • Channels allow for organization of content
  • Original images work best for trigger images (student or teacher created)


Your Turn to Create an Aura!

Follow the directions on the back side of your handout to create your own aura with a post-it note, your camera, and the Aurasma app!

Questions, Comments & Feedback

Thank you for coming!  I hope you found this session to be useful.  Please post any questions, comments or general feedback in the comments section below.

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