Everything Is A Remix

Malcolm Fox

Copy, Transform, Combine

Ideas can be commonly thought. For an original, there is at least one other person who thought of it as well. Long ago ideas were free, so copying was common. Music sampling is huge. Artists like Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, and more have been in the middle of lawsuits that had to do with sampling another artists song without permission. I found the Everything Is A Remix very interesting.

I found the episode on Music Sampling the most interesting. I believe this episode was the most important because their are so many people who want to be artist, and don't know the important aspects that come behind making a song. There are many people who find free beats online and make songs. If that song is released and get global recognition, the producer of the beat can sue the artist, if the artist doesn't have the copyright rights.  I learned about the important aspects that are put into making a good, quality song. I think everyone who watches this episode will learn that it is not easy to make a award winning song that is original!

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