Why is it Contentious to Believe in Creationism ?

Savannah Guerrero
Mrs. Palomares
Intro to Sociology

Although there is no concrete answer, why is Creationism so controversial? There has been much debate over the origin of the universe. Many people believe in a biblical creation of the universe; while others turn to science, such as the big bang.

A recent debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham challenged both the theories of Evolution and Creationism. Many people were very critical of Ham's lack of evidence toward the Creation theory, But why is it so controversial to believe a God created the universe?

Structural function

1. What is the purpose of Religion in our daily lives? (Non-material)

2. Creationism promotes a system of stories (Genesis) that gives their believers an answer, thus creating stability.

3. What is the purpose of science?

Social Conflict

1. Poor can sometimes lean towards religion, while rich leans towards science.

2 In the debate with Nye and Ham, Ham describes inequality of the word "science" as people use the word unfairly.

3. In Virginia Heffernan's article "Why I'm a Creationist," she refers to a time she was abandoned by a woman Heffernan was meeting at a restaurant for speaking her beliefs.(Negative sanction) Heffernan's beliefs were not acknowledged nor tolerated. The woman who left Heffernan, could not understand Heffernan's view. (Verstehen)

Symbolic Interaction

1. Most people are taught their views, and are reluctant to change their views when it comes to their beliefs. This can cause conflicts within a group of people. (Paradigm)

2. As society begins to modernize, views on science have changed and strengthened.

3. In Trevin Wax's "Science, Too, Calls for a Leap of Faith," Wax explains that "We live according to values and morals."(Culture) Wax also says,"evidence leads us only to a point, and then we draw conclusions." Every individual carries their own expectations of scientifical evidence, and creates their personal view from it.

4. In Rev Wil Gafney's "The Risk of Reading Literally," she says "for many, to deny the truth of the scripture would be to deny God of the scriptures." Many people believe in creationism because they fear to deny God.

Personal Reaction

I say why not believe in both. I believe in the science of how our universe came to be but even Stephen hawking (a man some of us put faith into) can't account to what the initial event was that caused this whole thing to exist. We can place anything we want in place of that unknown variable - why can't it be the existence of a higher being/ god? And it can be any god you choose to follow. Creationism should not be controversial.

In short, I would like to quote General Mills: Old El Paso Taco Shells.

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