St. Clair PLC Early Release

November 19, 2012

Teaching Cognitive Processes

In a Small Group

  • Identify a cognitive process that is important in your discipline.
  • Break it into steps.
  • Can you create a sketch for a graphic organizer?
  • What are your plans for teaching it?
  • What is one topic or idea you'd like to explore for our next session on April 2nd?

Teaching Cognitive Processes Video

Teaching Comprehension Skills

Comprehension 1

Comprehension 2Expository Text:  Read and Pause

Comprehension 3 - Group Read

In Small Group

  • What do you do to comprehend expository text?
  • What is one comprehension skill you think you would teach?
  • How are you going to teach it?

If Time...Learning Strategies and Tactics

Learning Strategies/Tactics - 1

In Small Group

  • How will you use the idea of massed vs distributed learning?
  • What strategy or tactic might you use?