Online Life For Teens

Summary: Social Media has become a big part of everyday lives, but especially teenagers. Social media leaves the impressions for teenagers to be someone they are not and leads to much more cyber bullying and real problems in their everyday lives. Sexual abuse stems off of social media because pictures that are posted are used against people and give bad body images for people to compare themselves too. Parents need to monitor more of their child's social media life just like they do their everyday lives; because more and more harms are occurring at schools and jobs based on something that was posted or shared somewhere on social media that people "use against others".

Reaction: I chose this article to read because it gave me something that I could relate to my everyday life. Social media has become a part of my own life that I have noticed and also to people that I associate with where I can recognize that it has an impact on their normal lives. I found interesting that this article doesn't 100% focus on the teenagers and how it could potentially be teenagers fault that social media haunts them. This article pointed out that the parents should actually be the ones too pay more attention to what their kids are doing on social media and that surprises me because it is the kids pages not the parents.

       This relates to psychology because social media has an effect on people's behaviors and studying behaviors is a part of psychology. Seeing things, reading things, watching videos, reading comments, comparing the amount of likes, all sorts of things can effect the emotions of a person and the emotions they are feeling can then leave them changing somethings in their behaviors. Psychology will study the reasons for these behavioral changes and social media will link back to why the kids are feelings the way they feel.

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3 years ago

I thought this was a good topic to choose because it is very relatable to everyone around our age group.