Career Research Project

Adam Gradert, Animal Nutritionist

Professional Requirements

  • A background in the agriculture and livestock industry
  • Good communication skills
  • Good business tactics  
  • Professional underwater nickel-stacking license

Educational Requirements

  • Bachelors in animal sciences and/or animal nutrition
  • Need to be educated in mathematics and science
  • Related fields to animal sciences   

Iowa State

The college I choose was Iowa State. Iowa state is located in Ames, Iowa. I want to go to Iowa State on transfer and for transfer students you need at least 24 credits and at most 65 credits. Also, you need a GPA of a 2.o on a 4.0 scale or higher. Tuition and fees are about $23,751 for out of state students. Your SAT scores should be reading: 460-620 ; Math: 530-680. Then your ACT: 22-28. The Top majors are engineering, business/marketing, and agriculture.

The Words I Live By

"It's Only One Mans Opinion."  These words are from a man I don't know, but was told to me by a man who I look up to. This man is the person I look up to, the person I want to be, and the person who is a mentor to all. This mans name is Dan Hoge. He is the Livestock Evaluation coach at Black Hawk East. He told me this quote at one of my livestock evaluation practice when I was 14. The words meant to me that even if I didn't do good at a show. That there was many more shows to succeed at. So, whenever I have a good pig that gets beat I just think of that quote. In the future when my kids show any they get beat I will share them that quote for them.

Dan Hoge

Dan Hoge is my role model. He is about 65 and is the livestock evaluation coach at Black Hawk East.I had known him since third grade. I meet him at Henry country fair as he was the uncle of my friend who shows pigs with me.

Ever since then I have looked up to him. He is my livestock judging coach for my 4-h team. He just symbol what I want to be when I am older. He is the most respected person in the livestock industry.

Article about Animal Nutrition

Animal Nutritionist can help animals grow healthier. In the article, "Researchers Study Ways to Protect Immune Systems of Young Pigs" it talks about how baby piglets need a better immune system, and,"Gary Allee, a swine nutritionist at the University of Missouri, to investigate the benefit of adding various natural supplements to pig diets. They found that fish oil in young weaned pigs' diets can help build up their immune systems."(government documents 1). This quote shows that animal nutritionist can be helpful with making are animals healthier. He found that fish oil in the pigs feed can overall make there immune system stronger.

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