Erik Surjan – An Impressive Resume of Accomplishment

Erik Surjan continues to follow his own path, striving for and achieving in nearly anything that piques his interest. Surjan, an accomplished athlete, aspiring actor and talented blogger, has accumulated what has become quite an impressive resume, one that features considerable success in marketing and sales, a growing number of accomplishments in the field of acting and a notable career in Australian athletics.

Erik Surjan’s current and primary passion is professional acting, which he seeks to build his skill and success in through training with such notable acting names as Bill McCluskey, a veteran of both the stage and the screen. As one committed to his newly chosen career, Surjan is pursuing the craft of acting with the utmost intensity and drive, and has been an enthusiastic participant in such groups as PAC Screen Acting and the Sydney Screen Acting Group’s Screen Acting Workshop. His portfolio, though still in development, includes appearances in several instructional videos and Australian TV advertisements.

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