Inheritance Journal Part 2

"Mr. Nolander agreed only he say he had to pick them."

Paraphrasing: The man that wants to buy the piano from Mr. Nolander had him to choose which slave he wanted.

I think this means that he just doesn't want any slaves he wants a slave that is able to do a lot.

"He made them up out of his memory."

Paraphrasing: He remembers his younger days and carve them on the piano.

I think this means that he doesn't know how they would like today so he carve his family out of his memory.

These phrases tells me Boy Charles life on the piano even though it wan't his he carved parts of his life on there.

The importance of the piano to the family is the carvings, how they tell in detail of Boy Charles life how his parents got married, a funeral, being sell to someone else and many more memories.

I think the family should keep the piano it has so much meaning. And boy Charles put so much work into carving out his family on there.