Words Worth

Full Circle

  • You cannot always see any lyrics that matters much, cause it doesn't, like the music doesn't need a image to describe, or vision itself doesn't need a sound to match. Themselves are the pure explanation of it all.
  • But sometimes, like Indie Rock, for its special condition, you can see real poem in a song's lyric, Sometimes you see it, but you do not have a clue about it, and that is fascinating.
  • Following is one of my favorite for I always wanted to solve amazing puzzles like it, represent the highest of philosophy.
  • Full Circle - Half Moon Run
    Cap off kneeling at the back of the church,跪拜于教堂,离开Feeling water on your brow, if it's healing it hurts 雨水滴在眉头的治愈让心疼痛At first a sharpish pain that returns as a thought 回想起最初尖锐的痛苦That the needle in your skin will bring you closer to god 让它刺到我骨头里去靠近信仰.And I watch as your head turns full circle 然后你思想逐渐变得完整.Our hope was with a coffee and a medical text 我们靠各自的精神鸦片和医学维持希望It's too easy knowin' nothing blowing off the rest 总是明白过去的任何遗憾都无法磨灭And the riddles in the pages leave at too much to guess 只是谜样的生命太难揣测And the worry cracks a fracture from your hip to your chest 忧虑不过是将你从头顶劈裂的恐惧.As I watch as your head turns full circle 当我看到你思想趋于完整.We got lost in the travels in the spiritual book 我们迷失在朝圣信仰的途中Missed the beaches from nirvana and the way that they look 却错过天堂般迷幻的风景And the crooks they're on the island they're killin' to keep runnin' 总有人找得到杀戮的战场去维持生存They're running severance on the plastic and it seems to be working 他们运行着虚伪而这些总是管用.Is that the best that I can do? 这是否是我们唯一能做到的?(我只能做到这样吗?)As I watch as your head turns full circle 当我终于看到思想的完整.You appear even tempered though your looks will deceive 你表现出平和,即便那不是真的And the sparks are always flying cause you drink for relief 因为所有的灵感是你飞升在酒中的迷醉With the heart of a child and the wit of a fool 其实孩童的心灵即是最初愚者的智慧It's a wonder why I don't try to build a wall around you 好奇我为什么仍对世界如此敞开心怀?(没有因为发生的一切筑起心垒).When I watch as your head turns full circle 当我们的核心变得完整And I watch as your head turns full circle 然后思绪开始循环不止Yeah I watch as your head turns full circle 于是它永恒轮回周而复始