By: Noah Wehmeyer

Sometimes in life there's a period of restarting. Mine was with a move. My family and I had lived in Florida for seven years so we were going to move to Missouri so we could be closer to family, and that’s where my dad got a job a few months before.

“Why are we moving to Kansas City” My sister asked. My mom answered “Because that’s close to all of our families, our friends, and your dads job has an opening there”. I guess that was good enough for me and my two sisters, because we didn’t ask anymore questions and went back to our dinners. Before me my sister and our friends went to school my mom told our friends what was going to go on at the end of the school year.

“Will, Elizabeth our family are going to move the day after school gets out”. During school later that day I had asked if I could tell the class I was going to move, the teacher said I could.

“Class I have to tell you that I’m going to be moving to Kansas City, Missouri”. “Why are you going to move their.” a few kids had asked. Then I informed them what my mom had told me about why we were moving.

The last day of school had come so fast, and that day I was getting a lot of people saying

“ Have fun in Missouri we’ll miss you”. Or even

“ Hope you wont miss us so much”. At the end of the day I met up with my neighbors and my sister then we got into my neighbors moms car and we went to their house to hang out for our last day together. When my mom had come to pick me and my sister up there were some tears shed because we knew this were the last time we’d see each other for a while.

The next day was the day we were going to go to kansas city and go to our new house. That day was a weird day the house was completely empty and all the neighbors had come over and offered help and told us who they were. Later in the day at lunch we had to decide who was going to get what room.

“I want the Biggest room,” my sister and I said in sequence. My parents responded with

“ well there's only one big room besides ours, so we will decide who gets the room” they thought for a minute together

“Well after consideration we give the room to Sydney.” They gave the room to my sister I wasn’t very happy after that.

Later in the month the school I was going to attend had a summer school program so my mom put me and my sisters into the program so we could meet people. The first day their knowing no one Was a very weird thing I mean going from a school where you knew everyone in your grade to knowing absolutely no one. Sense I didn’t know anyone really I kept to myself then recess came around then when the kids were picking teams I was picked last because no one knew me so I tried my hardest to be the best kid on the field.

During the game the kids were asking me questions. “Whats your name” most of the kids had asked, I responded,

"Noah Wehmeyer."

“Where are you from” “Tampa Florida”. When they were done with the questions I would ask who they were so I could know some people.

After the summer school was over then real school came around and I was worried that I would know enough people in my class but when I finally went there I knew half my class because of summer school. But I still felt like the new kid. There were some kids who still made me feel welcome. Eversense then I have tried to make new kids try and feel welcome to the class I was in. I try to do this because I know how it feels to be the new kid in the city, and class.

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