Medals and Awards given during or after the War
By: Mary Kate Murphy, Period 8, 5/21/14

American Awards

  • Medal of Honor- This was the highest award given. To be awarded this you had to have risked your life for the United States. You had to be brave and be self-concerned.
  • Distinguished Service Cross- This was awarded to a person who was a hero but was not awarded the Medal of Honor. Their heroism has to be so notable that they risked their life.
  • Silver Star- The Silver Star was awarded to any person in the armed forces that was cited for gallantry. They must nevertheless have performed with marked distinction.
  • Navy Cross- The Navy Cross was awarded to navy or Marine Corps who showed heroism but were not awarded the Medal of Honor.

European Awards

  • Croix de Guerre (France)- Awarded for bravery in the military mentioned by a general or commanding officer.
  • Order of Leopold II (Belgium)- Awarded to Belgians for service to the Sovereign of Belgium.
  • Order of St. Anne (Russia)- This was awarded to people for distinguished career in civil service for the military
  • Military Cross and Medal (Great Britain)- This was a medal to recognize the gallantry of junior officers in the war.


  • If you lose a medal or award, you cannot replace it. However, you can have a replica made of it.
  • During the war the army medal office started to keep a record of all the medals and awards each person received.