Let's get started with Feedermatrix!

Okay, so you have signed up to have your entry costs paid...

if not go to:  http://fatpocketbook.com

...but how do we earn money in Feedermatrix?

Basically Feedermatrix is a self-funding progressive payment program.
You have 8 levels of progression, and new products can be downloaded
on each level.  The appeal of the program is the low cost to get started,
and the earning potential.

Here is a brief explanation of how it works:

1. You pay $1.75 using your Paypal or Solid Trust Pay account.
(this is also how you receive funds)
2. You are now eligible to receive 4 - $1.75 payments on level 1.
This equals 4 x $1.75 = $7.00
3. Out of your $7 collected, you Upgrade to Level 2 by paying $5.
4. Now you are eligible to receive 16 - $5 payments.
which is 16 x $5 = $80
5. Out of your $80 earned, you Upgrade to Level 3 by paying $10.
6. Now you are eligible to receive 64 - $10 payments,
which is 64 x $10.00 = $640

(refer to the website for the other levels)

This goes on up to 8 levels which totals $99,447!

ALL for $1.75 investment.

What do you need to do now?

1.   Confirm the email sent to the email address you submitted.

DO NOT SIGN UP, until you get an email with the link!  

2.   Set up two payment processors from the list below:



http://www.egopay.com (only for non- USA members)

http://www.payza.com (only for non- USA members)

http://www.perfectmoney.com (only for non- USA members)

3.  A Feedermatrix leader will send you an email with the link to

register for Feedermatrix.

4.  Sign up and register your account

Set up your payment processors now!

Freedom comes with prosperity,

Twyla Parker-Moore




If you have any questions I can be reached at any of the above.

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