by Jennifer Bassett

The setting

This story is set in the Paris Opera House, which is a very famous and beautiful building. Work on the building started in 1861 and cost forty-seven million francs. It is the biggest Opera House in the world in fact it has seventeen floors, ten above the ground, and seven under the ground. Behind and under the stage, there are not only stairs and passages but also many, many rooms dressing-rooms for the artists, rooms for the stage workers, the opera props and materials... There are more than 2,500 doors in the building. You can walk for hours and never see daylight under the Paris Opera House.

The plot

The Opera House was famous building, and the directors of the Opera House were very important men. It was the first week of work for the two new directors, Monsieur Armand Monchannin and Monsieur Firmin Richard. In the directors' office the two men talked about Joseph Buquet, the man who was killed the day before. Some people thought that the Phantom of the Opera was the killer but Monsieur Armand didn't want to believe about ghosts stories. That Tuesday, the two men riceved a letter in which was written that box 5 had to be empty for every opera night. The writer of the letter also wrote that he was happy to take from the two directors 20,000 francs a month to complete his work in the Opera House. The letter was signed "O.G." and Monsieur Firmin said it was tritten by the Opera Ghost. The men believed it was a joke so they began to talk about the opera for that night.

It was Faust, and usually La Carlotta sang Margarita. La Carlotta was Spanish, and the best singer in Paris. But that day she was ill so the directors were worried because they known that everybody in Paris were going to be at the opera that night.

At the and they found a solution: Christine Daae, a young singer from Norway with a good voice, would sang Margarita. Her performance was a success and everyone in Paris talked about the new Margarita in Faust, the girl with the beautiful voice, the girl with the voice of an angel. That evening at the Opera House was also Philippe, the Comte de Chagny, with his younger brother, Raoul. Raoul, was twenty-one years old. He had blue eyes and black hair, and a wonderful smile. The Chagny family was old and rich, and many girls in Paris were in love with the young Vicomte. But Raoul was not interested in them because he was in love with Christine. So he would going to see Christine in her dressing-room that evening. When he arrived at the door of her dressing-room, he heard Christine's voice, which was unhappy and afraid, and after he heard a man's voice. Raoul thought Christine had a lover so he wanted to see his enemy. But he didn't find anyone after that Christine had left her dressing-room. The next day the two Opera's directors receved another letter. This time, the Opera Ghost wrote that Daae had to sing Margarita again on Friday evening. He also repeted them to leave box 5 free for him, otherwise he would be very angry with the two men.

The directors didn't know what they could do, if believe that behind that letter there was a real ghost or not. they decides to go to Madame Giry, the door-keeper of box 5. She said them that what the Phantom asked for it would be must done.

However, on Friday La Carlotta sang Faust and the famous chandelier, with its thousand lights, broke away from its ropes and crashed down on to the people below. The Opera House closed for two weeks. And La Carlotta never sang again.

Two days before the Opera House opened again, Raoul met Christine on the tenth floor of the theatre. She would talk him about the man's voice he had heard out her dressing-rooom. Christine explained him she has a teacher, an angel of music, that she had never see but just heard.

But after he had bring her under the Opera House, she understood he was really the Phantom of the Opera. He wasn't a ghost, he wasn't an angel of music, he was a man in black clothes with a yellow face, no nose and black holes for eyes. He's name is Erik and he loved Christine and wanted her as his wife. After this explain, Raoul promised to Christine he had took her away after Saturday's performing because he wanted to get marry with her. After Christine kissed him.

Christine went on the stage on Saturday and she looked like an angel. Suddenly, when she started to sing, every light in the Opera House went out. Then a woman screamed, and all the lights came on again. But Christine Daae was no longer on the stage. Raoul ran down stairs and along passages, through the Opera House to the back of the stage. He went down, down, down, under the Opera House. He went through secret doors in the floors, then along passages and down dark stairs. Suddenly the lights came on, and he heard a man's laugh. Erik knew he was there. The room in which Raoul was arrived was all mirrors. The room was hot and Raoul was thirsty, hot and thirsty.

Through a mirror in the wall Christine watched her lover in the torture room.

Erik said Christine to marry him because he loved her more than Raoul. She looked his face and after she kissed his ugly mouth slowly and lovingly. Erik stared her. Even his mother never kissed him, he started to cry. He said her to go away, marry Raoul and be happy.

No one saw more Raoul and Christine in Paris. Perhaps they took a train to the north, and lived a quiet, happy life together there. Maybe Christine's voice was still singing, somewhere in the cold and beautiful mountains of Norway, while the Phantom of the Opera took his life away.

The real story of the Phantom of the Opera

His name was Erik. but it wasn't his real name. He was born in France, and he was a famous builder in Paris. He was a very clever, and very dangerous man. He could be in two, or three, places at the same time. He could be in one place, and his voice could come from another place. He could do many clever things with ropes, and mirrors, and secret doors... he helped to build the Opera House with secret passages underground, and his secret house on the lake. He could not live in the outside world, because people screamed when they saw his terrible, ugly face. And so he had to live this strange life - half-man, half-phantom.

My angel of music
(from Andrew Lloyd Webber's movie)

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