Career Description :

Lawyers (also known as attorneys) help to prevent and solve legal problems for their clients. They help represent a client in criminal or civil trials by presenting evidence and arguing in court on behalf of his/her client . Lawyers research laws and judicial decisions and apply the law to the specific situation faced by their client .

Required Skills :

Some basic skills that you will need are as writing , debating  , and communicating well . The advanced skills are problem solving abilities , symptomatic reading , writing skills, conversation/articulation abilities , general investigation/research skills , and organizational/management skills . These skills are needed because they make the lawyer/attorney look more professional knowing these particular skills .

Educational Requirements :

The courses needed are Political Science and English . As applying  to law school requires graduating from a bachelor's degree program and, in all cases nearly taking the Law School Admission Test . (LSAT)  After earning a undergraduate degree , lawyers must complete law school and earn a Juris Doctor ( J. D. ) . All lawyers must pass their state's bar exam to practice .

Salary ( Income)

Median Salary : 114,300,  Highest Salary : more than 187,199,  Lowest Salary : less than 55,170 ,  Median first year : 85,000 , and Average Pay : 76,438

Why did I pick this career ?

I picked this career because I always wanted to become a lawyer since like last year when I took the class for a elective .

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