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  Story one: By Zack Etter

At the time I thought that my job would be easy, dig a hole fill it with a body, put dirt over it, and then mark it. When I arrived at the Doctor without borders portable hospital it stunk of death. I volunteered, because I wanted to help people but I guess not having any medical experience gets you working with the burial team. It is probably good thing that way I don’t get attached to the patients. My first day I got a briefing on how to put on a bio hazard suit,also what to do with the bodies and where to bury them.

That was my first day now it is a week later and the job is proving to be a lot harder than I thought. In one week I buried twenty people mostly adults, but it was tough. Today wasn't to bad, we didn't have to bury anyone but, three more people came in with a 90% chance of not making it through the night. Unfortunately the third person is a little boy named Tom if they don’t make it through the night I will have to bury my first child tomorrow. Morning came around all three survived the night. I hope this all over soon I got one more month then I go home.

Story two: By Paul Standford

Its 5:00 in the morning I am dead tired and I just got back from africa. All can remember is a blurry cab drive home as lay down to go to sleep. Buzz Buzz!!, I wake up in sweet I really don’t think about it and go on with my day, as I wake more I start to experience headaches off and on. After lunch I started to get severe stomach pain and throwing up I went home after that.

I set up a Doctor's appointment when I got there she told me I had a fever of 103 and told me to go to the hospital that I am very sick. On my way to the hospital all I could think of was parasites from being at Africa. I got there and told them what the Doctors told me, they got me a room and run some test. The worst news ever, I was not ready to die I had ebola they told me that I would be fine they just have to treat me and stop it from spreading. It was 6 weeks on no contact living in a bubble but I made it I am a lucky person.

Story three: Austin Fee

What do I even do in a situation like this? Do I tell the hospital? Do I tell anyone? But if I do, I’ll lose her forever, no matter what, I’m losing her forever! We knew she was sick, but we didn’t think it was this serious! We assumed that it was just a common cold, and then she started showing the symptoms of Ebola. That’s where it started going all downhill. I love this woman, we have been through everything together, and now she is slipping away, out of my reach. There isn’t anything I can do to stop this, I told her I wouldn’t let anything happen to her, now look…

I know that if I take her to the hospital I will be separated from her immediately. Ebola is just getting worse and worse, spreading more and more, people are dying faster and faster. Even the doctors are dying off.

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3 years ago

Theses three separate fictional stories of what it is like seeing Ebola through the eyes of the people affected by Ebola.