Clothes For Plus Size Women – Know What Will Be Flattering For Your Body Type

Women with full figure bodies have much to be thankful for!

They have CURVES.. And that is enough of an advantage to score the biggest points over any woman with the slimmest waistline out there. There is nothing else for it – if you are looking for plus size women’s clothing, you will have to ensure that the outfit you select brings out the best characteristics of your body to light and effectively camouflages the aspects that you would rather hide. Flattering your fabulous figure is what you are after and these tips will help you understand how to achieve that aim. So here is a basic guide to understanding what clothing for plus size women will be the best for your full figure.

#Colors matter, but not just black

You might have learned that dark color tones work well with fuller body types and of course black is an amazing color to wear at almost any occasion. But you don’t have to limit your wardrobe to this one option alone. There is a host of color tones that you can experiment with and all of them work extremely well with plus size women’s clothing. Start by experimenting with grays and charcoal-y shades and later, you can expand to colors like dark blue, dark green, dark violet, dark red wine color, maroon and brown.

#Find what works best with YOUR body type

The emphasis is on the word ‘YOUR’ here. The issue is, most full figured women tend to follow tutorials and tips on selecting the right clothing without paying any attention to their actual body type. You should deconstruct each and every aspect of your body first and understand what you want to flaunt and flatter. A flowing skirt hides big hips. An A-line blouse conceals a heavy stomach. A top with a V neckline draws away attention from your chest. You can wear ruffles to camouflage a big neck and arms. Wear sleeves up to your elbows to hide big arms. Choose the plus size women’s clothing that is suitable to your specific requirements.

#Make the right selections when it comes to prints

This is another issue that becomes a hassle for full figured women. They choose the right clothing combination but fail to account for the effect that will be created by the print and design on the clothes. Big prints will always make you look bulkier than you actually are. On the other hand, horizontal stripes will work to downsize your appearance. If you like wearing prints- flowers, circles, figures and other types then prefer to wear smaller prints with a dark-colored background to balance your look.

#Footwear is important as well

There is a reason why most women wear heels to complete their outfits. They always make your legs look slimmer and longer, adding more height and balance to our overall appearance. However, if you are planning on wearing pants, flat sandals can work just as well.

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