Philosophical Approch

By: Steven Hewick

What view of life does the literature or media present?


Oedipus The King: Its all about fate, they talk about a prophecy throughout the book. Your life is determined by fate which is controlled by a higher power.

Cinderella: People aren't always treated as equals, some people are mistreated, but in the end, good things happen to good people.

Of Mice and Men: You work for your dream and plan out your life but things may happen unexpectedly. Life has unexpected twists.

Buju Banton- Untold Stories: Money is a basic necessity in life today and some people have it, but what about the people who don't? Times are hard and for some people its a struggle to survive everyday. Life is hard for some people yet easy for others.

Popcaan- Ravin (Quote)

Me Nuh Know When Me A Go Inna The Grave In
Suh Right Now Me Ravin'.

You can never predict what is going to happen. You never know when your going to die so party and live your life! Life is full of the unexpected.

Vybz Kartel- Life We Living: Prices are raising, it becoming more expensive to live and support a family. Its a struggle now a days. Life is hard, its expensive to live in the current day and time.

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