Fredrick Douglass
Writing Prompt

Last year when I was in middle school I had a very hard time keeping my grades up because of the horrible learning enviornment I was in and some serious family matters. When my report card first came in my whole family saw it and they where very disappointed in me.. I tried to tell them that I was going through a lot and the school I was attending wasn't for me (Ramsey) but they said it was no excuse to be getting bad grades. They were all negative around me, they told me I wouldn't make it anywhere in life if my grades continued like this.

I had to work really hard to make up all the missing work I had all the work I had been assigned. I still struggled a bit because I had a lot of work, but I managed to get better grades by midterms. I was really stressed out but I had to make my family feel bad about doubting me. I wanted to see their faces when they saw the huge grade changes I have had. When they opened midterm grades they were very surprised but they didn't congratulate me.. Which made me feel bad but still I did it for my own good.

I guess it was a good thing that I pushed myself, I did good for myself.