Daniel E.'s Personal Digital Bill of Rights

                                             Digital Access

                              Keep other's work or collections safe

1. If something is hidden through a link. Don't share it! Ex: Video, Image, Website

2. Ask permission before sharing, it could go to the wrong person! Ex: A thief

                                        Digital Commerce

                                 Beware of what you buy or sell

1. If on an internet buying/selling site, don't always trust what the picture shows. Ex: E-Bay

2. If the product has problems give it back to the site don't just let the person keep the money. Also research the actual price before buying something online. Don't just buy a toenail for $100.

                                       Digital Communication

                                    Think before you type online

1. If something is offensive, don't type it. If someone is being offensive to you tell your parents.

2. Don't get too mad, if you are all fumed up, just go take a break, leave the site or turn off the computer completely.

                                           Digital Literacy

                                Learning to use/teach technology

1. Everyone should be familiar with technology. In a world like this, not knowing how to use technology could be a huge loss.

2. Don't misuse the electronics, follow the rules of your school/home/job.

                                           Digital Etiquette

                                    The rules to the electronics

1. Follow the rules given to you through your school/job/home. Ex. Code of Conduct

2. Remember, if you don't there will be consequences. Ex. Removal of electronics, grounding, fired from your job.

                                                      Digital Law

                   The consequences when you misuse your electronics.

1. Keep responsibility, don't say it wasn't your fault, someone else did it. Ex. Someone else destroying your stuff via Edmodo.

2. Responsibly take the punishment of your actions.Ex. No more electronics.

                                     Digital Rights & Responsibilities

                  Everyone has rights and with those come responsibility

1. Everyone has all the digital freedoms listed.

2. You can easily keep digital responsibility by following the laws.

                                         Digital Health & Wellness

                       Being well physically and mentally in the digital world

1. Be up to date with everything and know what to do with the internet

2. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Better now than in an emergency!

                                                    Digital Security

                                                 Keep yourself safe!

1. If someone adds you randomly on a social media sight, and you don't know them decline the invitation or if you can, ask them why they want to be your friend.

2. Don't accept links with http:// even from a friend. If you see if the link is secure, change the website url to https:// If https:// blocks the website with don't try it with http:// Ex. http://google.com or google.com is a NO but https://google is safe Also Phishers

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