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Houses For Sale

2 story home with a courtyard in back. Stone floors. Multiple rooms including 3 bedrooms, a dining room, a large parlor, and a full kitchen with multiple hearths. Surrounded by friendly neighbors beside a quiet country road. The home itself is a mix of Town is half a mile away. The town is blossoming with trade and job opportunities. Annual merchant fair in June brings many costumers for all those with a small business they want to expand. Firm price of 70 pounds. Will accept some barter with goods. Contact Esme and Williame Rollebon.

Storefront home. The living space is directly above a medium sized shop, big enough for a small business. The home part a stone floor and hearth. There is a chimney instead of a hole in the roof to allow for the smoke to escape. There are drains for water to leave through a gutter into the street. As you can see, it is located on a busy street corner where many costumers stop. Anyone interested contact Mr. James Fletcher. Price right now is 45 shillings (about 2 pounds) to rent for a year. If you wish to purchase this house, the set price is 55 pounds. Prices are not debatable. Will not accept barter or goods.

Home for sale, cheap. Slight lean to it, but otherwise in good shape. Dirt floor, with a hole in roof to allow for smoke to escape. Large fireplace, great for cooking. Comes with a louver to let a nice breeze and sunlight in. Three families may purchase this home and live together. The cost is 5 shillings to rent for one year. Will accept goods such as fabric or jewelry as payment. Very new, not even leaning yet. Two miles from nearest town. Not many crimes, since it is located on a hill overlooking a forest. Monastery only half-hour walk away. Children the proper age have the opportunity to attend classes. Many job opportunities in the town, including guilds always accepting new members. Contact Miss. Bennet for information.

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