Computer Graphics And Animation

by chase pittman

Beginning computer graphics and animation, we created a stop motion with the figures above by taking one small picture at a time and making it into a movie. we could use this method to make whole movies.

session 2

in session 2 , wee experimented with morphing and some special effects. we even got to morph a a square into a triangle.

session 3

we learned how to put objects into the carrea software to make a simple jack in the box. we also learned how animators can make almost stunningly impossible effects like the one above.

in session 4 we used story board and added motion

session 5

we learned about rendering affects and how to make stunning animations with them. also we learned how theses effects are used in TV animations.

session 6

next, we made a 3-d logo, commonly used in the opening scene of a movie.

session 7

In our last session we finished up some of special effects in our animated movie, and working on our final 3-d animation. we also added effects to our logo to enhance the quality.

what careers use animation

there are many jobs an animator can follow in, designing logos and designs for company, and even making cartoons. its easy to find the jobs as well, the ask for animators n at high and still in rise since 2011.

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