I have four bedrooms, one living room, one kitchen, three bathrooms, two backyards and a sheltered park, that is in the main entrance of my house.

In my bedroom I have a little area for study, a dressing table, my bed, my wardrobe, a T.V, my computer's shelf and my air conditioner. In the summer and in the spring, my bedroom is charming, but when the cool weather begins the bedroom becomes so cool and I can't sleep there, so I have to sleep in my mom's bedroom that is so much warmer.

Everyday my family comes to visit us and It's really great!
Most of the time I love go to the backyard to walk my dog, the backyard isn't very big but is enough for my puppy, also in there I like to read and take a break at the end of a long day.

By the way, I love bake cakes, and another of my favorites places in the house, is the kitchen, and about my favorite furniture is the oven because It's necessary to bake my cupcakes.

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