Weathering and Erosion

By: Caysee Sontheimer

Bryce Canyon in southwestern Utah is home to brightly colored geological structures called hoodoos, formed by frost, weathering, and erosion.

Weathering and Erosion definitions

Weathering is the breaking down of rocks. Erosion is the process of moving rocks from place to place.

Here are the all of the weathering agents.

Physical Weathering

1. rain     2. water    3. ice   4. wind   5. salt   

Biological weathering

6. animals   7. plants    8. humans

Chemical weathering

9. acid rain   10. rust

Here are all of the erosion agents

1. wind     2. water   3. ice    4. gravity


Here is a fun way to remember weathering and erosion! You can remember weathering as a hammer smashing and breaking down rocks, and erosion is a broom that sweeps away the broken down rocks to some were else!     

4 Weathering and Erosion agents.

1. Tornado is weathering and erosion.

2. Earthquake is weathering.

3. Glacier is erosion.

4. Hurricane is weathering and erosion.