A How-to-manual for martians to fit in with my daily life
The martians want to know how my daily life is and what i do so i tell them. Well first of all i wake up around 6:50 i get out of bed and  brush my teeth and wash my face. Then after brushing my teeth and wash my face i change into my clothes. Usually after im done with that i just sit down and watch tv and wait until my siblings are done getting ready for school. Then one one of my parents takes us to school and drops us off. As soon as they drop me off i go strait to soccer, soccer is a sport in which  you kick the ball we usally practice for about an hour then we go back to the locker room and take a shower and then get dressed. After im done getting dressed i go to the cafeteria and get breakfast and then the bell rings to go to second period which is art and draw or paint for an hour and 30min then i go to third period and we usually just chill in that class,then i go to lunch this is usually around one and you eat food. Then we go to advisory or a class in which we don't really do anything in for about 30min. Then we go to last period which is Algebra this class has to do with equations and numbers. Then the bell rings to go home my parents pick me up from school i get home play a little soccer then do homework take a shower watch some movies on the tv for a few hours then i brush my teeth and wahs my face then i go to sleep.

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