K-12 mLearning Apps

With a focus on Biology and English for High School students

3D Cell Simulation and Stain Tool

What is this? This a free app that provides biology students with 3D images of the cell that are either labelled or non-labelled. Also, it allows students to select certain dyes to identify organelles in the cell and see their shape on size (real images). It also provides videos of organelle movement.

How can it be used? This is an app that can be used on iPads or MacBooks in order to give students an opportunity to explore the specific organelles of a cell and view real images that were developed using expensive tools. In my classroom I would ask the students to watch the videos on the app and explore the cell, then follow it up with screenshots and a presentation on what they learned.

Leafsnap For iPad

What is this? A really cool app where students take photos of tree leafs and the app comes up with genus and species of that tree leaf. Next, once the species of the tree is confirmed, the geolocation on the device locates the tree on a national map which everyone on the web can see!

How can it be used? I would be excited to use this app for my high school science students so that they feel like they are contributing to the world wide web. it allows these students to see their science work published and builds their curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.

Powers of Minus Ten - Bone

What is this? A free app that allows students to navigate and discover vertebrate's skeletal tissues. It provides anatomically correct images of the human bones and then provides definitions. It also lets the user zoom into the macro level of the bone and provides measurements to the size and shape of the bone.

How can it be used? I would love to use this app to encourage my students to explore and record their exploration of the human bone structure. I would ask students to take up one part of the skeletal structure and go in-depth in research at the macro- level.


What is this? An app that allows for an easy access to books, magazines, textbooks, and newspapers all from either a mobile device, laptop, tablet, or iPad. Simply download the app and search for the books you want to read.

How can it be used? I can have my students access several free texts whether it be by Shakespeare or Charlotte Bronte. It would also encourage students to access texts on the go!


What is this? This app explains Shakespeare texts in layman's terms. It also provides a glossary and a search bar for students to read up on the details of each scene and character.

How can it be used? Shakespeare is a part of every high school English class, whether it be Macbeth, Hamlet, or Romeo and Juliet. Students could refer to this app to understand the play and find it more enjoyable; making their high school English experience better!

gFlash+ Flashcards & Tests

What is this? A free app that allows students to create flashcards. A great thing about this flashcard app is that it creates multiple choice answers based on other flashcard answers!

How can it be used? Flashcards are an essential for every high school biology student and this app is easy to use and free! It's a shift away from traditional methods, so now students carry their flashcards everywhere they go on their devices whether on their cell phones, iPads, or laptops.

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