😩The Brutality of Sherman's March😩

By: Ananda Newton

This March reminds me of a total warfare that was the Revolutionary War. The Revolutionary War began when the French and Indian war started. After that, many act had been passed to raise the taxes to pay for the damage for the war. The colonists didn't feel that they needed to pay so much, so they created their own military and fought against the british. It was one of the bloodiest wars of US history just as the March. So many people have died and the number of how many died could simply tell you how brutal each war was.

The march that Sherman took in Atlanta towards the sea was a terrible destruction on everything that was in their way. During the march Sherman told his men to steal, destroy, and burn everything in sight. I believe that this was too harsh. He really didn't have to do all that to prove his point. Killed livestock, and stole crops to feed his army. What I think he should've done was just get them to surrender. It didn't have to end up that way, he could've reasoned with them. It didn't have to end that way.

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