Battle of Long Island and Brooklyn Heights

      There were approximately 10,000 american soldiers led by General George Washington and 20,000 British soldiers led by General William Howe. Washington had his army split up into 5 divisions. The battle begins with the British moving through Jamaica Pass undetected. Howe's men came up to Putnam's, one of General Washington's Majors, left wing the next morning. Breaking under the British's fire, the American forces began retreating toward the cover on Brooklyn Heights. Meanwhile on the far right of the American line Lord Stirling's , another one of Washington's majors, brigade defended against general Grant's attack. Grant's troops took heavy fire from the Americans. Putnam still did not fully get what situation they were in and he ordered Stirling to remain in position despite the approach of Howe's troops. Washington saw the disaster coming and crossed to Brooklyn with reinforcement troops and took control. But, he arrived too late, he couldn't save Stirling. They were fighting desperately against 10-to-1 odds. In the end Stirling's 1,600 men were ultimately forced to surrender. General Washington and the rest of his troops were forced to retreat to Manhattan and later Pennsylvania.The american casualties were 312 killed, 1,407 wounded, and 1,186 captured making this a tough defeat. While the British had 392 in total killed and wounded.

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