By Cynthia Rylant

Have you ever moved to  a new town or state? When you moved there did you instantly fall in love with someone that you never met? Was he or she your true love? Do you think your true love would last forever? Well in this story the main characters are the boy and the girl. The girl moves to Cincinnati  and  she went to the supermarket and she went to the check out line and the bag boy dropped her mayonaise on the floor.  The girl looked at the boy and she instantly  fell in love with the boy. But the problem was that they liked each other but they never spoke to each other. Do you think that they might have actually liked each other? I recommend this story because it has a great structure and it is really interesting to read because it makes you want to ask questions to yourself. It might want you to ask will they ever meet again? You also might ask yourself  do they really liked each other?

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