Chlorine { Cl }

Splash your way into space!

            Don't STRESS about being in space take chlorine with you and RELAX!

We use Chlorine in many different ways. People often put Chlorine in their pools to fend off disgusting vermin bacteria.  So why would you want to have "E coli" in your pools or on you? Even in space people can be infested with nasty bacteria so take Chlorine with you and relax and feel safe. Chlorine can also be a defense mechanism to fend off flesh eating bacteria.  Chlorine has many uses in the world we use Chlorine to clean Kitchens, Bathrooms, Pools, etc. So why would you want to have a dirty living area in space.  We even use Chlorine in our Laundry Detergent so why would you want to be smelly and have NASTY clothes take Chlorine with you and take a LOAD off.  

Boiling Point: -29.27 degrees Fahrenheit

Melting Point: -150.7 degrees Fahrenheit

Whether you relaxing by the pool or doing some laundry make sure when your in space your safe!

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