Wayne Buschhorn 24



May 18, 1861

I live with Austin Scott, Megan Hawk, and Sara Jay. My brother is stationed in Virginia.

Entry #1 day 1

This morning I woke up and got myself dressed and ate some beans and cornbread for breakfast. Me and Austin went  got orders from Sara and Megan to go out and hunt for some food. Me and Austin got an over abundance of animals. Megan told us to give some to the army. Austin and I also cleaned some guns for the army. At night Sara made dinner for us. It was squirrel and dumplings. Then I cleaned the dishes. Then undressed to my underwear and went to bed.

Entry#2 day 2

Dear Brother,

I hope you get this because I'm getting ready to turn 25 and I wanted to give you something I get from my birthday when I get it. See you when this is over. I got your last letter saying that your general got pushed back to Virginia. Was the battle wasn't the battle at Gettysburg.

Entry#3 Day 3

This morning I heard rats running around on the floor so I shot at them and hit one. Megan and Austin made breakfast. They made steak, bread, and eggs. I did dishes with Sara. I fed the hogs and cattle we have on our farm. I also fed our dog Marley. Megan and Sara made some for the soldiers so me and Austin went down to the recruiting station to give them to the soldiers and we cleaned guns again. We also gave them 3 chickens for the soldiers to do whatever with. Austin and I made dinner and we made Steak, onions, and lettuce. Then I went out to call Marley in for the night. Then we blew out the candles right after we did the dishes and went to bed.

Entry#4 Day 4

I got a letter back from my brother and I was  amazed that he was alive after I heard more about the battle. My friends were surprised too. I sent another letter two my brother because I heard he was in another battle and wanted to make sure he is still alive. This battle was called The Wilderness. I heard the federals were badly bloodied but continued south. Also heard you were fighting a stalemate.

Entry#5 Day 5

My reaction when Lincoln was shot was confused. I was glad he was dead but yet again I was sad he was dead. Our nation just got through a civil war and the president that won this and got brought our nation back together got assassinated. Now we have to listen to a guy who hasn't been through war or brought the nation back together.

I read the paper at my house out loud to my friends and Lincoln was shot in the back of the head. He was a Fords Theater to watch a play. Then a actor named John W. Booth went to where Lincoln was sitting and shot him. Then this guy jumped onto the stage broke his leg and fled south.

My friends and I are hoping someone catches Booth and his accomplices. He comes around are parts I might try and catch him they are giving 100,000 dollars for him alive or dead. This has saddened our country. A good man died for no reason.

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