EEE needs more recess

opinion writing Owen Kington March 21 ,2014

     Our recess time is up our very short recess. EEE needs more recess! You might be thinking EEE dos not need more recess .Thing is we only have 10 minute!

       If our recess time stays the same the same the kids will be very hyper . For example the kid are always  talkative at lunch . Some other kids do not get to finish their game because of the short recess so the are still hyper at lunch .

    Kids can get angry at each other. For example some kids can get angry at each other  and will not have time to talk it over. One time both team thought they won.

    My last reason is that kids might stop going to EEE. They may stop going to EEE for longer recess  Then the parents will make the kinds go to EEE and they will not work hard.

       That  is why I think EEE should have longer recess. Hope you changed your mind about EEE recess time.