Identity theft, what it is and how to avoid it!

Identity theft can be a number of things. Its when someone steals some form of important information concerning your identity, It can be your e-mail, address, name, credit card/bank account numbers, and especially your social security number.

Identity theft can be avoid in many ways, but the most important is to keep your information  hidden, and not tell anyone unless you have to. Also, you can;

1- Keep financial records, and other banking hidden, and shred what you don't need, don't just throw it away.

2-  Only give out information if you absolutely need to, don't give it to anyone who asks.

3- Make passwords to your account something hard to guess, use letters and symbols when you can. Do not leave your wallet/billfold/purse somewhere it can easily be taken.

How to know if your identity has been stolen.

A few tell- tale signs your identity has been stolen are, if your bank account says you have purchased things in stores or online that you haven't been to and purchased anything from. If there is money being withdrawn from your account that you aren't  withdrawing, and if bills stop coming to you.  

More information about identity theft.

Identity theft can happen to anyone. It most commonly happens when you buy something online from an insecure website, or respond to emails asking for your information.

You can avoid identity theft by being careful about what you do and who you give information out to. Always remember, to keep important details about you to yourself, and not give them to strangers.