Curley's Wife
Promiscuous - Lonely - Dramatic   

All I wanted was....


a good life

to be in the pictures

for people to care

to be desired

But I didn't want....

a life with my mother

to get married

to die

a bad reputation

to be controlled

Character Development

Curley's Wife is younger than twenty and married Curley who is at least ten years older than her.  She ran away from home when she was younger a

Character Interactions

Curley's Wife treats Crooks with disrespect and disgust.  She targets Lennie because she knows that her is weak.  She flirts with Slim.  This shows that Curley's Wife is racist, cruel and unfaithful to her husband.  

Curley's Wife adds to the theme of being a kind person because she shows the contrast between a good person and a bad one.  There are some good characters but when you look at her compared to them you can tell the difference.  She shows what you get if you are not a person that is treating others well.

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