Country: Japan Country Profile     

Capital: Tokyo

The population of Japan is approximately 127.3 million people as of 2014

The type of economy for Japan is Capitalism

Japan's capita per gdp is approximately $3583.38

Japan's type of government is: Constitutional Monarcy

Japan's rank is 27th for gdp per capita

Japan's leader is Naipaul Sori Daijin

Japan's literacy rate is 99%

Japan's currency: yen

one yen is equal to .0088 U.S. dollars

Life Expectancy: Male: 82 yrs.
 Female: 87.3 yrs.

Official Language: Japanese

Tourist Attractions:
1) If I were to go to Japan I would go to the National Stadium to see how different it is from Lambeau Field. National stadium holds alot of soccer games.  
2) I would also visit Mount Fuji and I would try to climb it.
3) I would also want to see Osaka Castle. I would go there to tour and learn about its history.

Three important events are...
1) September 11, 1931. Japan invaded Manchuria.
2) October 10, 1964. Japan hosted one of its first olympic games.
3) December 7,1941. Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and that led us to World War II

One event taking place: Japan is creating a train that is run with batteries and goes 8.5 kilometers.

A company in Japan: Honda
It makes cars and trucks and is popular in the U.S.

How I feel about the economy: I think their economy is successful because it seems similar to ours. They are capitalists too.

What my company does: My company makes dirt bike, cars, four wheelers, Lawnmowers, scooters, engines, generators, welders snowthrowers, trucks and cars.

What Japan can do to make their economy more successful: Reduce poverty, fighting hunger, supporting industries and promoting development.

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