Arabian Peninsula

Arabian Peninsula has many different Climates

The Aribian Pennisula has many different climates. So there is something for everyone!

The Desert

The Desert is one of the most wide ranged geographical feature of the Peninsula. It is only for the most brave and tough. One tip is to bring a camel, camels are the most popular of all animals to travel with in the desert. Because of their adaptations to the environment. Another tip is to wear a long robe because it is loose and has a head rap. So you don't get a sun burn and so you can be warm at night. Those are two tips to survive in the desert.


The Oases is a body of water that is in a desert. It is fresh water and it supplies food and fertile soil. If you want to survive you need to dig up a well so that you can store water if need be. Another thing is to use the palm wood as a resource for your housing material. The Oases is a beautiful place you just have to know how to live in it.

Coastal Plain

The Coastal Plains are a great place. But a few things to know are that you can trade really easily when you live there. You would also be delighted to know that growing food there is great. If you can you might want to collect tree sap. The Coastal Plains are a feature you just can't miss.


The mountains of the Arabian Peninsula. You can find rocks, beautiful sites, and much more. One tip is to make a Terrance so that farming is easy. Another one is to make mud houses it's easy to make and block the wind. The Mountains are a feature of the peninsula that you should visit.

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