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Example of a Parent Letter:

Book and Interest Levels:
These levels are located in AR BookFinder online as well as on labels located in the back cover of our library books.
    LG= lower grades (grades K-3)
    MG= middle grades (grades 4-8)
    MG+= middle grades plus (grades 6 and up)
    UG= upper grades (grades 9-12)

Goals and Assigning Levels:
- Research shows tightly controlled progression of AR reading levels doesn't show great gains.  Assigning a broader range of AR book levels to a student will support more growth

Video Streaming Sharing Option:
Below is an example of a video from Discovery Video Streaming that was downloaded and embedded here as "media."  Teachers may find value in using to save videos for students to view instead of accessing them in the R: drive.

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