kyle H's rockin summer 2014

this summer my family went to Yellow Stone National Park, my family and grandparents drove to big sky witch was close to west yellow stone. we were there for a week the first three days we explored yellow stone, one the first day we headed to old faithful on the/ way we saw elk and bison. when we got to old faithful we saw it twice it took about a hour and a half to see both. the next day we went to mammoth springs and other places around there my favorite geyser was  dragons mouth spring, it was a cave/ filled with water weird sounds like a dragon came out of the cave the sounds were created from gases bouncing of the walls of the cave.  the 3 day we went to bear and wolf wildlife reserve. later we went back to yellow stone to look at a spring again. the geyser was grand prismatic spring.   #greenacresrockinsummer2014 #kettner #tech2

grand prismatic spring (above) old faithful (below)

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3 years ago

Nice job Kyle, I thought the bison might take the car out. No luck.....