Ariel Adame
Autobiography of My Relationship with the Earth

My family and I took a boat and went island hopping in the Philippines. This is one of my favorite views of the surrounding waters
I got the honor to sit down and speak to a captive tiger, Jojo, in a small town in the Philippines.
View of the beautiful jungle I drove through (in a buggy) on Boracay island.

Earth Song by Michael Jackson was the first song that I heard that addressed environmental problems and actively brough attention to these problems in the world. This song expressed many concerns that I wouldn't realize would be a problem in the future until now; it's a song that I think is inspiring and important for people to hear.

Journal: Where does it come from and where is it going?

I'm assuming that the majority of the water I am using in my house is groundwater from aquifers or reservoirs. Also, the water used to water the lawn or wash the car could be recycled water from treatment plants. It would end up going into the sewer system and recycled again or dumped as waste. The other water would turn into runoff and may go into rivers and and lakes, ending up funneling into the ocean.

Obviously, the fish I eat would either be farmed or caught wild in oceans or fisheries around the world, but are probably not caught or farmed in the United States. Because it is food, it'll end up in my stomach and end up as waste in the sewage system.

The oil and gas used for my car are most likely imported from foreign countries from the Middle East. It'll be exhausted out into the atmosphere and be included with the other greenhouse gases that are contributing to global warming.

The medicine I'm drinking because of being sick probably came from synthetic materials or medicinal plants. The synthetics are mad-made in labs, and the medicinal plants are probably either made in an isolated environment with scientists growing them, or are harvested from different regions in the world.

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