My Most Biggest Fear In The World

My biggest fear is hippos because they are so big and I am so small that they would probably swallow me whole. They also have big teeth.

As seen above that man is making a bad choice because he is about to have his head eaten right off.

The Greatest Team Ever And I Happen To Love Them!

This is UNC kicking Dukes BUTT. The reason I like them is because I am from North Carolina and my Dad went there. They are also super good and they have good players along with a good coach. I also hope to go there.

The Worst Team Ever And I Happen To HATE

Its the truth. Duke is a crapy team because they are overrated and they rival UNC(But always lose.) And they are overall a bad team.

I Enjoy Basketball, Running, Wake Surfing And Mountain Biking.

I enjoy Basketball because it is fun and you can be competitive. It is also fun to watch. You never get a win easily it involves fundamentals and work.

I enjoy running because it is something that if you want to win it won't come easy it is also a life time sport.

I enjoy wake surfing because it is a fun summer activity and I enjoy being on the lake. It also is fun to learn new things.

I enjoy mountain biking because it is hard at time and give adrenaline rushes other times it is also a life time sport.

Where I Have Lived

I was born in Salt Lake Utah then moved a bunch, but ended up living in North Carolina the longest. I have also been to 40 states.   

The Truth.

Once again Duke is horrible.

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