Konio.N-Digital Editing


In Digital Editing we  used our school values Bravery,Safely  , Respect , Teamwork                                                                                                                       I choosed Teamwork because you can use teamwork in verify of  ways with different things and  in different ways.

The app I used for my editing in this photograph is Pixlr-Layer-Nature-Autumn  (for the border) ,Overlay-Tie dye-Aubergine (the tie dye look in the background). The Ants are using teamwork by helping each-other across a edge with a stick.

In this photograph  I editted to with  borders and then Border-Nature-Patia,  Overlay-Devine.In this photo they used Teamwork by staying in one line and not going to fast or to slow cause if one speeds up, cuts in or slow downs  they all will either hit into each-other or fall.

The edit I  used for this photo is that I blurred the background so the main focus is of them two guys trying to tackle the other component while using teamwork,                   Default-Devine

The edited I used was -overlay-default-Cyborg and Adjustment - Splash

Cheerleading is one of the many things that use Teamwork, everything you do In cheerleading, you need to use teamwork or trust those too take big parts In cheerleading . The edits I used was light paint (red lines in the background)-CO, Overlay-fireworks-engage   (purple fireworks in the bottom left .

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